Yuu Kitchen

*South East Asian restaurant* *Average spend PP: £20-£25* *Casual and relaxed* *Location: Commercial Road* * Three - Four plates per person* Over the weekend I went to a fairly new restaurant called Yuu Kitchen and they sure have some exciting things on the menu. The restaurant is amazing in terms of aesthetics, service and location … Continue reading Yuu Kitchen

Mem & Laz 

I just can't get enough of Mem & Laz. It's a different meal every single time Price range - £12-25 Are you looking for somewhere amazing to eat? Then keep reading because I've got the remedy. Mem & Laz is so diverse you can never get tired of returning. Whether it's for a casual meal … Continue reading Mem & Laz 

Mafrika Opening- Review 

If you have a thing for African food then Mafrika is the restaurant for you. This restaurant is new to Barking with an incredible mouth-watering menu. For the opening, I must say the restaurant did a fantastic job with keeping everything under control as we all know the first day of business can be quite … Continue reading Mafrika Opening- Review 

Sheesh- Review 

This restaurant is absolutely phenomenal and I honestly underestimated it... So I have finally visited Sheesh and I must say this restaurant is very amazing I don't even know where to start. The restaurant is in a very elegant space in the Chigwell Area. I would advice driving( There are loads of parking spaces) or … Continue reading Sheesh- Review 

TastesBusaba Eathai- Review

Looking for a cheap yet tasty Thai restaurant? Then keep reading. This review is about my go to visit at the Busaba Eathai restaurant. Hey guys! So I visited the Stratford, Westfield branch and I'm glad to say that the service there was more than outstanding and the staff could not have been any more … Continue reading TastesBusaba Eathai- Review

Yum Yum – Review 

Back at it again with the food... So, some friends and I went out for a meal at Yum Yum located in the heart of Hackney’s Stoke Newington, and I must say for the type of restaurant I was looking forward to going to, I expected far better. Once we arrived, we were greeted by … Continue reading Yum Yum – Review