Crepes & Cones: Two Weeks On!

We just want to congratulate Krept and Konan once again! Who would have thought two rappers from South London would have opened up a restaurant! Serving almost everything from ribs, fried chicken, rainbow cheese, waffles and more! We honestly never expected it. However, two weeks on and restaurant goers are having mixed reviews about the restaurant. We have seen both positive and negative reviews on … Continue reading Crepes & Cones: Two Weeks On!

Yuu Kitchen

*South East Asian restaurant* *Average spend PP: £20-£25* *Casual and relaxed* *Location: Commercial Road* * Three – Four plates per person* Over the weekend I went to a fairly new restaurant called Yuu Kitchen and they sure have some exciting things on the menu. The restaurant is amazing in terms of aesthetics, service and location but it’s the menu that got me talking. Have you … Continue reading Yuu Kitchen

Maxwells Bar & Grill 

If someone asked me to describe this restaurant in two words I’d say filling and satisfying. This amazing restaurant is based in Covent Garden, suited right next to the train station, how convenient right? The restaurant itself is vibrant and the atmosphere is quite uplifting. You honestly can not go there in a bad mood and even if you do it won’t be long until … Continue reading Maxwells Bar & Grill