Onidodo is a Pan African Supper Club based in London. offering authentic African dishes with a twist.

The menu is quite limited and unique which makes it quite hard to choose from. But I went for the special at the time which is now for keeps on the menu, I also ordered Lamb Chops with plantain and Jollof Rice.

The Suya Chicken and Waffles combo was very tasty, my only issue was that it wasn’t spicy enough or even at all. I think if the restaurant work on getting the right balance of spice in the chicken it’ll be an absolute winner. Differently the Lamb Chops and Plantain were absolute flavors, the chops were literally cooked in some sauce and plantain. The Jollof Rice was an absolute no for me, reason being because I am not a huge fan of long grain rice and I feel as though it could have been much more softer and less bland.

Overall it is in a great location and there is nearby parking if you are thinking of driving.

Also, the shop has a beautiful white, black and gold interior which honestly compliments the restaurant and is perfect for a cheeky Instagram picture. The staff members are also more than helpful and are never too busy to cater to your needs and wants, they are also very knowledgeable about the food they sell which is what I call A Class customer service.



Address83 Turnpike Ln, Harringay, London N8 0DY

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