Sahara Grill

Cheap and Cheerful literally! You are guaranteed to spend no more than £20 depending on how much you eat. This is the restaurant for everyone, I mean what would life be without Sahara Grill. it is one of my favourite restaurants, hands down.

They’ve got three locations in London, one in Whitechapel, Ilford and the other on a quiet side road in Leyton. I quite frankly love all three locations, such a well designed and elegant place. Whenever I go to Sahara Grill I always get the same main which is the Sahara Flame-Grilled Chicken with some chips and rice, and i’ll tell you for free it does the damn job! This time I decided to go for something completely different and went with the Riz Frite which is stir fried with rice, Chinese veg, carrots, cabbage and the protein of your choice, I got prawns. img_2487-1

I also decided to get some Saute chicken with picante gravy, onions and peppers. All in all it was very nice and flavoursome but my go to at Sahara will always win!

There are plenty of seats at all three locations which means you’ll never have to wait a long time to be seated.

Thank you for being the GOAT Sahara!

Location & Opening Hours

Sahara Grill 49-53 New Rd, Whitechapel, London E1 1HH Mon – Thu|12:00-23:30|Fri|14:00-00:00| Sat-Sun|12:00-00:00|

Sahara Grill 427-437 High Rd Leyton, Leyton, London E10 5EL Mon -Thu|12:00-23:30 |Fri|14:00-00:00| Sat-Sun|12:00-00:00|

Sahara Grill 406-408 Cranbrook Rd, Ilford IG2 6HW Mon-Thu|12:00-23:30|Fri|14:00-00:00| Sat-Sun|12:00-00:00|


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