Kate’s Cafe

Nothing gets me more excited than some good African food. With its authentic African cuisine, Kate’s Cafe is always at the top of the list when looking for a good African Joint.

Whilst the main dishes come in at about £12, there are of course cheaper items on the menu depending on how you eat. if you eat small and are looking to spend less money why not choose from the Sides and the Grill menu? Guaranteed you’ll spend less even if its just £1 less.

I have been to Kate’s cafe a few times and the consistency is immaculate, its like the food gets better every single time!

Whether its Yam and Tsofi you want or Jollof Rice and Tilapia, they have something for everyone. Most of the dishes are served with some nice Shitto and freshly blended Chili Sauce.

This is a great place to visit with friends, family or even BAE.

FYI – Tsofi is deep fried turkey tail, marinated, steamed and fried in a special blend of spices






Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 12pm – 10.00pm

174 Balaam St, London E13 8RD

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