Crepes & Cones: Two Weeks On!

We just want to congratulate Krept and Konan once again!

Who would have thought two rappers from South London would have opened up a restaurant! Serving almost everything from ribs, fried chicken, rainbow cheese, waffles and more!

We honestly never expected it.

However, two weeks on and restaurant goers are having mixed reviews about the restaurant. We have seen both positive and negative reviews on the restaurant.

Not too long ago, we saw a lady receive backlash on twitter for making a thread about the restaurant. She wasn’t overly happy with her visit and Twitter wasn’t too happy about the thread.

One user wrote:

Other users suggested that if people didn’t know the owners there wouldn’t be such a fuss.

We respect that people are entitled to their own opinions, however, with time we believe they will improve. We honestly can not expect a new establishment to be perfect in the space of two weeks.

So head down to Crepes & Cones..ya dunknow! And let us know how you found it.

Also stay tuned for our very own review!

Where: 24-26 S End, Croydon CR0 1DN

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