Yuu Kitchen

*South East Asian restaurant*

*Average spend PP: £20-£25*

*Casual and relaxed*

*Location: Commercial Road*

* Three – Four plates per person*

Over the weekend I went to a fairly new restaurant called Yuu Kitchen and they sure have some exciting things on the menu.

The restaurant is amazing in terms of aesthetics, service and location but it’s the menu that got me talking.

Have you ever tried Okra fries?

Okra fries? This was very unusual for me as I’ve never had anything like it. I found it weird yet interesting. It tastes exactly like Okra, fried and tossed in salt. It is slightly gooey but not extremely. I must say after the first two or so it did get overwhelming. Will I be ordering it again? Maybe not!

The only negative thing I have to say about the okra fries is that they were over salted which is something the restaurant need to work on. I strongly recommend they gauge the amount of salt they fry it in.

How do you feel about eating Octopus?

The old me would have dismissed this on the menu but I’m so happy I didn’t. It was very nicely prepared and flavoursome. If you are a fan of squid you’ll definitely like this without a doubt.

Charcoal Salmon Tataki

The salmon wasn’t to my expectations, it was a bit too undercooked for my likings hence why I couldn’t even finish one. Although it smelt delicious the texture just didn’t do it for me.

Prawn Katafi

The prawns were a winner for me. Although you only get two they are quite big. It is served with spicy mayo, topped with crispy fried katafi threads.

Hot spicy wings

The wings were very tasty and well seasoned. To mention they were so spicy so if you are not a fan of spicy food I’d stay well away!

overall the restaurant was amazing and you can tell the food is carefully prepared.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a new authentic Japanese restaurant to try. Price wise I think it is worth every penny considering the about of effort put in the food and service.


Until next time !


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