Maxwells Bar & Grill 

If someone asked me to describe this restaurant in two words I’d say filling and satisfying.
This amazing restaurant is based in Covent Garden, suited right next to the train station, how convenient right?

The restaurant itself is vibrant and the atmosphere is quite uplifting. You honestly can not go there in a bad mood and even if you do it won’t be long until you are smiling again. The staff are so bubbly, welcoming and energetic.

As some of you may know I am one to complain about portion sizes and to my surprise the portion sizes were very generous and I was very content. Although the burger was quite dry and the coleslaw was horrible the food was above average. But not to worry as their fantastic famous freakshakes made up for it.

My friends and I decided to get one of each

  • Salted Caramel Donut freakshake
  • Oreo Cookie Freakshake
  • Unicorn Freakshake

I decided to stick to what I know and get myself the Oreo Freakshake (Typical I know) which I loved so much. However I did try the other two and I found that the Unicorn shake was way TOO sweet for me. So if you are not a fan of sweet things I definitely recommend you go for the Oreo one as it wasn’t as sweet.

Overall I’d give the restaurant an 8/10, whether you are looking to have a casual night out, looking for lunch or it’s your birthday they’ve surely got something for everyone to enjoy!

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