The Alchemist 

Everyone loves a good drink and I have just the place for you to be.

The Alchemist suited in Londons Liverpool Street is just the place to be to get your hands on some amazing cocktails. I have never been so excited to drink a cocktail until I stepped into the bar, the drinks are so fun and exciting…it makes you feel like a kid again.

The menu is filled with signature cocktails and cocktails to share with friends. It gets addictive.. You start with one, then another…you can go on for ages. I must say that the price for drinks are quite reasonable considering the effort that goes into making them. The bar can get very busy which means seats are limited so I’d advice to get there at a decent time. The atmosphere is very vibrant which makes the experience worth while.

So if you are up for having casual drinks with friends, family or colleagues then this is the spot for you.

Just to mention the Alchemist do sell food however I got there past 10 which meant the kitchen was closed so I didn’t get to sample any of their mouth watering dishes, but I wasn’t disheartened as the bar made up for it.


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