So I have just arrived from a 5 day trip from Dubai which I absolutely loved. I must say Dubai is an excellent place for tourists. There are a load of good hotels to choose from which have amazing facilities and are within good distance from places like the Dubai Mall.

I stayed at the Nassima Royal Hotel which is a five star hotel suited in the Sheikh Zayed area. The location of the hotel was very good as it was close to many fast food restaurants such as KFC, Nandos and a lot more. The breakfast at Nassima Royal Hotel was consistent every morning with a lot to choose from. The staff were also very helpful and welcoming which is something I look for in Hotels and for that reason if I am to return to Dubai I will most definitely re-book this hotel. The only downside of the hotel is that our pool was closed during our time there as it had to undergo a renovation.


​As you know Dubai has a lot of activities that tourists can partake in. However five days wasn’t enough so make sure you book at least seven days so you have enough time to enjoy yourself.

Activities/places to go 

1. Sea Ride Dubai 


If you are a fan of Jetsking or want to experience it, then Sea Ride Dubai is for you, first of all their customer service is spectacular as they try as hard as possible to cater to your needs in terms of availability as they get fully booked up. Secondly the prices are very much affordable. The prices are as follows:

  • 500 AED (£107) – 1 hour ride
  • 800 AED (£171)- 2 hour ride

I must say it was an experience I personally will never try again as I felt very sick throughout and at the end of it. But for all you thrill seekers id definitely recommend that you try it.

2. Atlantis The Palm (Water Park)

This was the highlight of my holiday, it was such an amazing experience and I urge every one of you to visit. There is so many things to do there from eating to cruising on the beach and enjoying the fantastic rides. I would advice you take a change of clothes, swimwear, towel(To save you from paying for one) and some sun cream as it is really hot. I would recommend pre-booking the water park online as it is 100AED cheaper. if not it is 300AED on entry. It is totally worth every penny!



​3. Dubai Mall 

You can’t go to Dubai and not go to the mall, this mall has everything you can possibly ask for. It is filled with a lot of clothes/cosmetic retail shops, activities such as ice skating, a massive aquarium and nice restaurants to eat. The one restaurant that caught my eye was the Cheesecake Factory…yes the one everyone is always talking about. The food and drinks at this restaurant are magnificent. The portion sizes are so remarkable, I could not finish my food nor get a cheesecake (the main thing!). It is also a pocket friendly restaurant and you most definitely get your money’s worth.


On the whole I absolutely enjoyed the holiday and it was a great experience, I will most definitely be returning to do all the other activities I did not get a chance to do. However despite how much I enjoyed the holiday I would have preferred to go for a much longer duration as I thought five days wasn’t enough. Lastly, it was Ramadan which meant that out of respect to this there were a few restrictions on where and what you could eat, wear etc 

So to avoid this, I would suggest maybe avoid going around this time, although it didn’t take away too much from my holiday 


  • Avoid going during Ramadan.
  • Wear appropriate clothing to avoid getting fines and being approached by police.
  • £500 spending should be more than enough for five days depending on what you want to do.


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