STK London

Hi guys, I have finally visited the well known restaurant STK and I wasn’t overly impressed. If you want to find out why then keep reading.

When did you go? 

I went to STK on a Saturday evening for my cousins birthday  and as you can imagine it was quite busy. Upon arrival we were 15 minutes late, which they overlooked. This for me was a good start. we were then seated as soon as possible and had to wait no longer than 10 minuets.

How was the service upon arrival and throughout your time there? 

The service was absolutely brilliant and staff members could not be more accommodating. We were shown to our seat and assigned to a waiter who was very patient and informative. His service throughout was very exceptional.

How was the ambience at the restaurant?

As the restaurant is very popular with guest, the atmosphere was very special and vibrant. The decor on the other hand is out of this world. It is very glamorising and fancy.

What did you get? 

Before our food arrived we were given some complimentary bread which tasted really nice. Although I must mention that the bread did have an off putting smell which may put you off from eating it.

For drinks, I got an Amaretto Martini which included passion fruit puree, orange sanguiner and orange bitter. I strongly recommend this cocktail if you like sweet cocktails. 

For food, I got steak and some french fries accompanied with some STK sauce which tastes like BBQ sauce but better. The type of steak I got was the New York Strip 250g well done. The chips were very nice and salted to taste and the steak was decent, though I can say I’ve tasted better at a cheaper value.

The presentation of the food was superb, but overall the food was at best mediocre. However the restaurant is quite overpriced as it is deemed as high-class. In terms of fulfilling my hunger I was not satisfied as I was still hungry. My advice would be to get a starter before the main if you want to leave with a full belly, which also means you need to go with a full purse..


  • Getting a taxi would be highly recommended as parking is hard to find
  • Fine dining, so be prepared to spend a lot of money
  • Get starter before your main dish so you are filled up at the end
  • Pre-book as the restaurant gets very busy

2 thoughts on “STK London

  1. Loool I find it hilarious that you weren’t very impressed (I feel the same). Went there for my friend’s 23rd birthday last month… it’s just very average. I don’t know what the fuss is honestly. And I agreee, the bread smells so strange, although it tastes nice. The staff are really well mannered though, have to give it to them.

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