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Looking for a cheap yet tasty Thai restaurant? Then keep reading. This review is about my go to visit at the Busaba Eathai restaurant.
Hey guys! So I visited the Stratford, Westfield branch and I’m glad to say that the service there was more than outstanding and the staff could not have been any more accommodating. Upon arrival, I was greeted and immediately seated which was a great start. After that, I was assigned to an attentive waiter who immediately took my order and promptly brought out my food.

The atmosphere and decor at the restaurant was amazing and quite unique, with satiating soft and mellow music to complement it. I would also like to mention that the standards of cleanliness, as well as the fact that you couldn’t miss the cosy and comfortable ambience.

Now moving on to my go to dishes and drinks:

1. Crimson Blend – I loved this drink as it was refreshing and satisfying to the tongue. It is a blend that consisted of Pomegranate, beetroot and carrot.

2. Chilli Prawn – This is probably the best thing on the menu for me as it includes king prawn, sweet basil, mushrooms and chilli. P.S: the spice is very bearable.

3. Jasmine Rice – This is my favourite type of rice simply because of the lovely floral aroma it brings out, as well as its delightful soft and fluffy texture.

4. Thai Calamari – In all honesty, I would have never thought to eat this but Busaba made me do it and I absolutely loved it.

5. Stocky Tamarind Wings – These wings were phenomenal and I would strongly recommend them at the side of your main dish. They are marinated in pineapple, ginger and chilli.

Overall I highly recommended Busaba to Thai cuisine lovers as both their service and standard of food are phenomenal, meaning customers will not be dissatisfied.

Have you dined at Busaba before? if yes let me know your go to menu!

4 thoughts on “Busaba Eathai

  1. I LOVE Busaba Eathai
    My go to is always Thai Calamari, once you have it there the breadcrumbed dishes at Italian restaurants will be a meh!
    Then the Ginger beef as a simple classic dish,
    Sen Chan pad Thai if your feeling noodles
    Or the super filling Tamarind grilled duck

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