Middletons Steakhouse & Grill

Hey guys, so as some of you may know I have started something new on my blog which involves me eating at different restaurants with different people. It also involves many plots and twists which you will see as time goes on. With that said I have been privileged to do my first one with the beautiful Mercy Exquisite.

Name: Mercy

Occupation: Student/Makeup Artist


Social Media Platform: Twitter: @mercy_exquisite Instagram: mercyexquisite YouTube: Mercy Exquisite

Mercy and I went to Middletons Steakhouse Bar & Grill for dinner and both ordered according to our taste buds, however when the food arrived we swapped over our meals.

What Mercy ordered:

  • Steak & Sticky – 6oz sirloin with half rack of sticky BBQ ribs
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Water (Because I gave up drink for Lent)

What I ordered

  • Lamb Steak – 12oz leg steak on the bone marinated in lemon, thyme and garlic
  • New Potatoes
  • Strawberry Daiquiri

Mercy’s judgement of the food and the restaurant 

“The food from Middleton Steakhouse & Grill was really good, my meal consisted of their lamb steak and buttered potatoes. The potatoes were super succulent and the steak was very tender. The steak was not as flavoured as I usually would have liked it to be to be but I will still be order it again regardless. Moreover, the ambience was amazing and waitresses were super polite! Thumbs up for me and I will be in attendance again. Out of 10- a solid 7.”  (See video below to see Mercy’s reaction to the Cocktail I ordered her)

My judgement of the food and the restaurant 

My experience at this restaurant was amazing, as I had never been there before I did not know what to expect. The restaurant gave a great aesthetic pleasure. It also has a very prestigious type of environment. I must say I did feel a bit under dressed, so in future if you do decide to go to the restaurant I’d advice you to dress smart and sophisticated.

Moving on to the food. Although I did not finish my meal, it was quite nice. The only issue I had was that the ribs were overpowered with BBQ sauce and had a tangy kick to it. Apart from that everything else was spectacular, especially the steak.  However if I do return to the restaurant,(which I plan on doing) I will not be going for the Steak & Sticky meal simply because I am not a fan of the BBQ ribs. I will also be sticking to something along the lines of what I ordered for Mercy, as I tend to get full very quickly.

Overall I honestly can not fault this restaurant which is why I am giving it a solid 9/10, the food and service were both superlative. I would have given it a 10/10 but the complimentary water they gave us on entry had a very unpleasant smell which I was displeased with.

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