Mandarin Kitchen

The review you all have been waiting for!!

I am so excited to be sharing this restaurant with you guys, it is absolutely amazing.

Spontaneous Saturday nights are the best because you never know where you may end up…well let’s just say I ended up at the Mandarin Kitchen suited in Paddington, London.

This was my first time dining at Mandarin Kitchen, and I loved it. Although the waiting time to be seated was very long, it was well worth it. The restaurant is well known for their lobster and noodles so that is exactly what I ordered and it was a solid 10/10 so if you are a serious seafood lover, this is the dish for you.

Apart from the lobster and noodles the restaurant have a variety of dishes you can choose from so you are practically spoilt for choice.

The service was outstanding from the beginning until the end. Once we arrived at the restaurant the manager immediately apologised and told my friend and I that we were to return in an hour’s time, as it was busy and all the tables were filled. (my friend and I decided to wait inside a Starbucks nearby so it wasn’t too bad)

In terms of pricing I must say it is fairly cheap depending on what you go for. I must also add that the restaurant looks better inside rather than on the outside, so don’t be put off upon arrival . I would describe the ambience of the restaurant cosy and relaxing.

What I got:

Lobster in Garlic and Spring Onion Sauce accompanied by soft noodles.

Egg fried rice

Overall our meals were beautifully presented and were all so flavoursome, which left us feeling overly satisfied. I will definitely be returning to this restaurant.

Things you need to know:

  • Location: 14-16 Queensway, Paddington, London W2 3RX
  • Restaurant is suited right opposite Queensway station
  • It is really busy on Saturdays so booking a table may be a good idea to avoid waiting.

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