Hi guys,

Just a short post to share my opinion about the caramel latte I bought from Costa.

I know some of you are probably thinking “what’s the need to review a latte” but my thing is, it’s not just any latte, it’s a Costa latte. This latte was made to perfection accompanied by a lovely cheese and ham toastie.

The caramel latte was very nice as I expected, but it was very milky (so if you are not a big fan of milk aviod at all cost) and with a hint of caramel flavour, but nothing so strong it distracted from the espresso. It was priced at £2.80 for a small one and about £3.45 for a large, however I was content with a small as it was big enough.

All in all it is an amazing drink that Is totally worth buying.

As some of you may know I previously did a post on Starbucks and I can honestly say I am stuck between the two, as they are both great coffee shops.

What’s your favourite drink to get from Costa? Or do you prefer Starbucks? Let me know in the comments section…

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