Fuel Juice Bars

As a student I know it’s very hard to eat something every morning, especially if you have a 9am. Worry no more I have found the perfect solution. Grab a smoothie from a Fuel Juice Bar. These smoothies and juices are awesome, they are filling, tasty, price friendly and healthy, what more can you ask for?

My go to juice so far is the Lemon crush which includes 100% pineapple juice, lemon juice, raspberries & fat free sorbet which he is priced at £3.99. I like it simply because it is so refreshing and sweet.

My least favourite smoothie is the Mango tango which includes mango, banana, 100% pineapple juice & fat free frozen yogurt. The reason for this is because I find the banana in it quite overpowering. This is also priced at £3.99.

The good thing about Fuel Juice Bars are that they have something for everyone and they help you achieve your daily fruit intake (5-a day!!). If you are not so keen on having frozen yogurt in your smoothie you can go for the dairy free option which is just as amazing (I strongly recommend). The fruit to juice ratio is very well measured and has an appropriate amount of ice

Cool tips

  • Don’t forget to ask for your student discount, remember every penny counts!!
  • You can have a small or a large smoothie
  • You can have dairy or a dairy free juice/smoothie

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