Yum Yum

Back at it again with the food…

So, some friends and I went out for a meal at Yum Yum located in the heart of Hackney’s Stoke Newington, and I must say for the type of restaurant I was looking forward to going to, I expected far better.
Once we arrived, we were greeted by staff at the reception and seated promptly. There was a prestigious scenic décor both inside and outside to which I automatically associated all aspects of the restaurant with quality. The service, however, was far from what I expected and was rather disappointing. The food took long to come and the waiter we were assigned seemed to be in too much of a rush, often forgetting some of the things we asked him to bring.

Here is what I ordered:

Spicy Hot Wings – Chefs Specially Marinated Chicken Wings

Neau Pad Prik Thai Onn- Stir Fried Beef with chilli garlic and fresh peppercorns accompanied by coconut flavoured rice.

Yum Yum Rum Punch

Overall, I would deem the restaurant mediocre and I do not think I will be  returning. There is a first time for everything, right? So, I would say give it a try as it may well be to your taste. The restaurant is also quite reasonable in pricing so if you are looking for somewhere that isn’t too prestigious nor pricy, this would be your best bet.


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