Thai Edge

Whilst in the vibrant city of birmingham for a friends birthday we visited the Thai Edge restaurant.

As soon as we arrived, we were seated in the waiting area with complementary prawn flavoured crackers whilst they sorted out our table. The atmosphere and scenery alone was amazing, with a releaxed and cosy interior. The service throughout the night was amazing and staff were polite. More importantly the food was mouth watering and so were the cocktails.

What I got:

Prawn fried Rice  (Prawn/Seafood) Thai style prawn fried rice with peas, carrots, prawns, cucumber and tomato, priced at £10.

Grilled lamb chops marinated in herbs and ground peppers served with a spicy chilli sauce, priced at £9.

Starter: The lamb chops were well done and tasty accompanied by a tolerable chill sauce. The only fault I would give the lamb chops is that they were on the bony side rather than the meaty side.

Main: The prawn fried rice tasted really good, it was steaming hot and the rice was cooked well. The rice was moist which made it perfect for the retention of the flavour.

Overall I can not fault this restaurant as my starter and main dish were very tasty, however there were two things I did not like which were the fact that my main wasn’t too filling, so I would advise getting a starter. Also the way the prawn crackers tasted were not my cup of tea, so do avoid unless you are all for trying new things.


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