We all love a great atmosphere right?, well I sure do. There are many good resturants around the Knightsbridge area, however Buddha-Bar caught my attention the most simply because of the way it looked from the inside and the outside. The inside of the resturant is very elegant and classy accompanied by immersive music.

Buddha Bar is a very popular resturant which gets busy from time to time which is why they give people a limited amount of time up to an hour and a half to eat. The service at this restaurant is really exceptional and efficient which was one of my highlights of the night. Moreover the menu itself is mouth watering and there is so much to choose from.

My friends and I orderd different meals, I ordered an Ichigo mocktail, Rock shrimp, Egg fried rice and some Teriyaki sauce which went down really well. All the food my friends and I ordered tasted so delicious we were so pleased  as it was the first time we had ever tried out the restaurant. I would strongly recommend the Ichigo mocktail as it sparked our tastes buds so much we had to get another one. The drink was so refreshing it tasted like something out of this world.

Lastly I would like to say that there is something for everyone at Buddah Bar as the menu seems like it is never ending so you are spoilt for choice.


Where: 145 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PA

Cool Tips:

  • Take public transport or an Uber so that after your meal you can explore the Knightsbridge area.
  • Go after lunch time as it is less busy

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