MALLORCA – Holiday Review 


I have just recently returned from the most relaxing holiday ever…Five days of sun, cocktails and beaches. Patiently waiting for the weather in London to give me a reason to smile. Well, let’s go back to my sunny Mallorca days and revisit what I got up to.

My friends and I booked our holiday with a company called On The Beach which sorted out our hotel, flight and transfers. We stayed at a 4* Hotel called Sol Barbados located on Magaluf on a bed and breakfast basis which was worth the money as we were spoiled for choice every single morning as they had a different variety of foods to choose from. The hotel was very modernized with great views overlooking the sea and mountains, they also gave us the privilege to use free WiFi within the bedroom and lobby, whereas other hotels I have previously visited only have WiFi in the lobby area . Sol Barbados is very close to Calvià beach and restaurants to get food from. With that said how can I forget their amazing cocktails which were only priced at 5 euros.

Hotel Sol Barbados

What we got up to:

Day 1  As it was the first day we walked around and done some exploring, we then found ourselves at the amazing Magaluf beach where we were able to relax and enjoy the ambiance. The beach is filled with different fast food shops, restaurants and bars where you can get nice cocktails for as cheap as 4 euros. My friends and I also visited the local shops around the area that sell souvenirs and so on. Later on in the day we returned to our hotel where they offered a pool side work out and participated.

Day 2  On the second day we decided to go to Porto Pi shopping mall where they have internationally known shops like h&m and all the inditex stores I.e Zara as Spain is its home country with a few extras like mango touch etc. The mall was very beautiful not to big and not too small with a beautiful view overlooking the sparkling Marina. If you ever think of visiting Mallorca and end up in Porto Pi do visit Boutique del Gelato and get your hands on one of their amazing slush puppy’s. Later on that night my friends and I decided to take a trip to the strip, and in all honesty I disliked it but I’d definitely advise you to try it out… I mean even if partying isn’t your thing you can’t go to  Magaluf and not visit the strip at least once and grab yourself a ‘Death Box’ from Mr Chows which is a well known Chinese shop/Restaurant.Moreover if you do happen to find yourself on the strip be prepared to constantly experience attempts of PR where you can’t walk for 1 minute without numerous promoters badgering you to go to their clubs or spend money on their watered down drinks. After that night did I return…NO. In addition to the strip if you are looking for a half decent club then I will recommend club Alexis as they play really good urban music.

Day 3  On the third day, my friends and I decided to be spontaneous and go on a Booze Cruise but it wasn’t what we expected at all, I honestly expected a big boat with a lot of young people enjoying themselves with good music, however that is not what we got. The music was terrible, the ‘Unlimited Drinks’ were all watered down and it was just a sticky boat ride. I mean it was an experience but I will not be going on one again. So if you and a couple of friends want to go on a boat ride you are better off avoiding the Sunset Booze Cruise and getting your own which I can guarantee will be worth the money.


Day 4 On the fourth day, my friends and I called a Taxi into Palma which is an old city in Mallorca, It took us 20 minuets to get there from our hotel and costed nothing more than 20 euros. During our time in Palma we done quite a bit of walking just so that we could see different areas of it, they had many international shops, like Porto Pi, if not more. Moreover because most of the restaurants and fast food shops we visited were not so good, we were so happy to find a KFC there which was not too bad, but my only advice would be to avoid getting the chicken pieces and stick to the wings as the chicken was nothing compared to London taste wise.After that we spotted a dessert place that sold nice ice creams, waffles and crepes which is just opposite a Pull and Bear store, we then went to el Cortes ingles which is a department store that have many different brands like Sephora and Longchamp.

Day 5 All good things must come to an end right…?. On the last day of our holiday we decided to go to Sol Katmandu which is a little fun park that have activities for different age groups. With that said our hotel provided us with wristbands that allowed us entry on arrival and also discounts on different activities. However I would recommend going to the park in the early days of your arrival just so that you are able to enjoy it more.In my opinion the 4D ride was the highlight of the park so if you happen to find yourself at this park that should definitely be an option. As it was the last day my friends and I went to do some souvenir shopping and bought a few things for our families and friends.

Quick Tips

  • Remember to bring a two pin adaptable plug as they do not use the same plugs as the UK.
  • A lot of Hotels check their guest at 12pm, however if you do require a later check out time you will be charged about 30 Euros. I say this because transfer times can be ridiculous, so its best to double check both times correspond.
  • Book a longer holiday.
  • Start the day early because theirs so much to do in Mallorca.
  • Make sure to go further out in Mallorca if you wish to see a bit more of the Spanish culture and actual Spanish culinary.
  • Buy all  your alcohol at duty free to avoid wasting money on watered down alcohol.

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