Turtle Bay

IMG_5294.JPGOur favourite time of the year is here, that’s right SUMMER is here. So my friends and I decided to take a spontaneous cocktail trip and ended up in a vibrant yet somewhat relaxing bar by the name of Turtle Bay. The scenery was enticing; the interior was both rustic and vintage with an island flair, whilst the exterior was perfect for people who’d like to enjoy a cool breeze. I mean how can you walk past the 2for1 sign and not enter the bar…And did I forget to mention the price? The cocktails are at an affordable price as little as £6.95


We just had to give in, so collectively as a group we ordered 3 different types of cocktails which were:

  • Reggae Rum Punch
  • Raspberry Reggae
  • Strawberry Daiquiri


The sweeter option

The first cocktail I tried out was the Reggae Rum Punch which included 126 proof Wray & Nephew & strawberry liqueur, fresh lime, orange & pineapple. This cocktail is the one for you if you are looking for a rather sweet taste.


Bitter Sweet 

The second cocktail I tried out was the Raspberry Reggae which contained white rum, raspberries, fresh lime & club soda. If you are looking for something that is not too sweet and not too bitter then this cocktail is right up your street.


Tangy sweet

Lastly, I tried the Strawberry Daiquiri which is made with Havana Especial, strawberry liqueur, fresh lime & strawberries. Although this particular cocktail was a little bit too tangy for me it has a little sweet little kick to it.


All three cocktails were good, however I must say that my favorite one was the Reggae Rum Punch, just because I prefer sweeter cocktails.

So will I recommend Turtle Bay? YES 

See you soon on my next post …..large


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