This is not KFC but it sure was finger lickin good! Enish Restaurant and Grill is an award winning, fun loving, Nigerian restaurant in London serving Nigerian Cuisine in Lewisham and Finchley Road. I went to Enish without a clue of what to get. I eventually decided and went for Pounded Yam and Efo Riro which was richly made- Spinach and assorted meat. As you’d … Continue reading Enish

Sunday Barnsbury

Not your average breakfast spot, I can assure you that! A three minuet walk from Caledonian Road & Barnsbury Station, Sunday is a much loved East London breakfast spot. Their menu is very broad, serving corn fritters and cornbread, to pancakes and potato gnocchi. Their Brioche French toast was more than enjoyable and uncomplicated – vanilla creme fraiche, banana and salted caramel. Although it may … Continue reading Sunday Barnsbury

Maxwells Bar & Grill 

If someone asked me to describe this restaurant in two words I’d say filling and satisfying. This amazing restaurant is based in Covent Garden, suited right next to the train station, how convenient right? The restaurant itself is vibrant and the atmosphere is quite uplifting. You honestly can not go there in a bad mood and even if you do it won’t be long until … Continue reading Maxwells Bar & Grill